Jeny Greenteeth


The hag Jeny Greenteeth (whom some characters might remember from adventure DDEX1-8: Tales Trees Tell) has taken up residence in Strahd’s realm of Barovia. She finds the Domain of Dread to her liking, and she especially enjoys being the only spellcaster in Strahd’s realm willing to sell her services—and thus being able to force characters to do favors for her. In order to purchase a spell from Jeny, a character pays a cost in gold plus a number of downtime days. Downtime days spent in this manner do not reflect actual time passing (and do not require an additional gold piece or lifestyle payment). Instead, they reflect on a certain amount of wear and tear inflicted on a character’s body and soul. Jeny is willing to forgive the downtime requirement for her spells if you agree to one of her conditions. Once you have agreed to a condition, it cannot be taken back, undone, or done again. She accepts these gifts only once (so reroll if you roll a previously completed task). Jeny casts only one discounted spell for a character per adventure, regardless of whether that character paid the alternative downtime cost or not.




Jeny Greenteeth

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