• Edgar


    A 12 foot tall goliath made from the corpses of executed criminals. He is undeniably loyal and stupid to his master gerard
  • Gerard The Stitcher

    Gerard The Stitcher

    a bumbling stitcher/necromancer who inhabits [[Journey's End]]. His thrall Edgar is his only comapanion.
  • Lydia Rose

    Lydia Rose

    Last resident of ersvahle. Witch who tries to trick the party by leading them through a cloud of wraiths and spectral fog. This encounter ends with the party seeing her and another witch transform. Fight ends when the party kills the elder witch.
  • Strahd


    Vampire Baddy Boo
  • The Collector

    The Collector

    One of Strahd von Zarovich’s most loyal servants is a Vistana named Chara Yanti but it wasn’t always so. Chara’s body is covered in burns and scars that tell a dreadful tale of her life and servitude to Strahd.