As the travelers make their way to the town, roll a d4 and subject them to a torment listed
1. A faceless Horror rises from the swamp and attacks them
2. They see a flaming carriage, driven by burning steeds and a shrieking animated skeleton. Living corpses spill from it all moaning and wailing
3. They must avoid an undead giant that is roaming the swamp searching for prey and singing a lonesome dirge.
4. Nothing happens, the journey is uneventful.

Arriving You make your way through the unnatural mists, the cold dark making no noise save for the occasional bird or distant scream of agony. The going is slow with the muck of The Grave clawing at your feet as you go. After a while you see a distant light. Walking closer you see that the light is coming from a feeble hut sat atop a dry spot. It’s architecture obviously designed practically with the rising and falling water in mind. There are two windows on the side facing you. You can see from the dancing shadows that the light is coming from a roaring fire. There is a single plank wood door on this side of the dwelling.

Walking Closer you see now that you are on the outskirts of a small village. 20 or so huts of varying size and disrepair are dotted across the immediate landscape, each a good distance from its neighbors; The muck of the swamp swirling and curving between the dwellings. About half a mile to your left you see the edges of a thick and tangled freshwater forest. The mists are thicker here, swirling and dancing as if with a mind of their own. There are no other lights.

Perception check DC 13 You see no signs of life, leisure, or business in the grey expanse. There are no tools, there are no vehicles, there are no people.

Perception 17 Add: You do notice, however a great many carriage tracks and footprints leading in the direction you came from

If they investigate the village The village stretches for about a mile in a semi circle, the furthest shacks stand within a stones throw of a thick stand of herbaceous trees that dominate your view of the west. You walk around the empty canals and peek in a few windows. There is no one here.


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