Arriving The gallows is empty now, but the new rope tells the tale of a recent execution. The empty frame stands about shoulder height with a platform and trap door. The empty space underneath is overgrown with weeds.

DC17 or passive perception 15 You notice a faint metallic glint underneath the trap door among the unwelcome plants.

(if they go investigate)

DC 20 passive or 17 perception You l notice the bear trap before it’s too late. draw a card and hold until next rest.
You step unheedingly and one of your limbs is caught in a steel clamp trap. take 3d6 damage and draw a card, losing the amout of morale listed. . (to escape may make strength svaing throw on turn as action to try and pry free, failed save deals 1d4 damage and 1 morale. may attempt to remove limb w medicine check + con mod DC 17. On fail take 1d6 damage, lose 5 morale and fall unconscious)

either way after resolving trap You see a crude chest that is open containi ng 120gp worth of loot.



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