Pile Cemetery

Arriving The first thing you notice is the stench. Decades of rotting corpses being tilled over, exhumed, reburied, and built on in this damp environment has done little to mask the smell of decay. The next thing you notice is the size of this structure, dozens of feet tall and hundreds wide, sloping into the distance, all smooth marble, and broken rock, and petrified flesh. There is an unconvincing pathway winding up the mountain that stops about halfway up. You see a little ways off a gap in the structure about 50 feet to your left.

DC 10 perception: Something large appears to have broken through the mound of graves made on top of other graves, and made a hole or cavity in the mound but you will need to get closer to see more.

(if they investigate) You round the corner to the alcove and are greeted by what can only be described as a corpse mine. Something large and imprecise has rent both stone and cadaver creating a fairly deep cavern in the mountain of death by pulling free bodies and stonework. The ground here is scattered with broken and decaying bodies.

If they look at all You see a crushed arm hanging limply from the side wall of the cave. You in it’s death-clutched hand something metallic.

If they take the item You see it is a pendant on a silver chain that bears the engraving of a silver dragon. The pendant is viciously cold to the touch.

DC 10 or passive 14 perception You see large humanoid footprints in the muck as well as slide marks leading too and fro and finally out of the mound and back towards the End.

If they go up The path leads you to a flat spot of compacted dirt among the graves. There is nothing of note here except for a sizable decaying chest against the far side with a lock on it.

If they open the chest You see in the chest [[something that reminds them of their backstory. some item that shouldn’t be there]]

If they attempt to touch it or look away, the item disapeers


Pile Cemetery

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