Stitcher's shed

Arriving You think the shed may have once looked imposing to some poor soul as they took the final steps of their journey to the gallows, but now, hunched over in the dark you feel a tinge of sympathy for the place. A tinge that soon fades when you hear the ungodly racket of saw on… wood? stone? bone? you’re not sure. The grisly rhythm is accompanied by maniacal chuckles and laughter coming from inside.

Attempting to gain entrance You can see that the main doors are chained from the outside, there is no obvious mode of ingress.

DC 10 Perception on chains You see that the chains are affixed with what appears to be a wax seal with a strange symbol on it.

DC 15 Arcana on chains You see that this wax seal is actually a magical hex that prevents the chains from being moved, and alerts the caster of any tampering.

DC 10 perception on sound: It’s definitely bone. bone and flesh. The rending sounds emanate from the structure. The voice begins to sing and talk to an imagined companion, at once answering itself and waiting for a response that never comes. "HeHeHeHE… so sweet the flesh of the afflicted! HaHaAHha so sweet the peace of the damned! This bloke is right ripe. wouldn’t you say, Ed? " and then in a more grave tone, obviously from the same speaker, “Hmmmm.. indeed I’m sure you would have looooved to start sooner.. no? oh, yes, But you see, ed.. you don’t have thumbs!” Another laugh “I’ve told you before! to extract the cornea you must. have. thumbs! HAHAHAHAHA”.

DC 18 Perception on shed or when close to back of shed: You make your way to the back of the shed and see that just beyond the crumbling waist-high wall is a worn Gallows with fresh rope, You also notice a rusted and worn metal handle among the weeds behind the shed. It is attached to a large wooden cellar door affixed at an angle into the ground. You think you could open it.

(if they do)

The darkness is thick within the gaping maw of the cellar door and as you stare into it a musty smell and frigid breeze greet your senses.


Stitcher's shed

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