svalich woods

Arriving Towering trees, whose tops are lost in heavy gray mist, block out all but a death-gray light. The tree trunks are unnaturally close to one another, and as you walk, you notice the woods have the silence of a forgotten grave. As you make your way away from the gate this silence is punctured by a heavy metallic crash that you can only imagine is the gates shutting. When you look back, you see that the way you have come has been completely enveloped by thick mists.

To highest passive perception
You are walking down the road when you catch the scent of death on the air. What do you do?

If they follow The foul scent leads you a little ways off the trail to a human corpse half-buried in the underbrush. The young man appears to be a commoner. His muddy clothes are torn and bloody. Crows have been at the body. He has obviously been deceased for several days. He hold a crumpled envelop in one hand.

Dc 10 investigation of body or area You see the man’s clothes have been raked with claw marks and the mud around him contains large paw prints.
DC 15 add You think he may have been taken by wolves
DC 17 add about 15 by your estimate.

If they take too long, a dire wolf howls in the distance As the sun begins to set, turning a weary eye to the bleak landscape, you hear a howl in the distance.
Go into initiative based on score. every round the party goes without moving on, another wolf adds it’s voice until there are five. Then they attack the players. as soon as the players move back to the road and start heading west, the howling stops and the wolves leave them alone.

If they do not follow, or once corpse is resolved, they make their way to the barovia valley

svalich woods

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